Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Well-Laid Plans

In the height of losing my mind about leaving Koreawhich really hasn’t been entirely addressed as parts of my mind are still lost (however I am getting closer to trying to resolved), I was invited to participate in a conference in Guatemala in November. The offer was basically an all-expense paid trip with some money tossed on top of it and a chance to go to Central America. I said yes, put it in my calendar, and promptly managed to completely and continuously drop the ball on it.

Somehow with my utter last-minuting (which is how I am) I managed to get all the information to the people hosting me, managed to get the tickets, and managed to continuously forget I was going. I tried scheduling things for that weekend constantly with the Bard being the one to point out over and over “Sara you are going to be in Guatemala that weekend.”

Right, leaving the country again.

An entirely different direction of leaving the country actually, since most of my trips had always taken me to the far east via a flight west. I had not yet flown in a northerly or southerly direction, so it seemed like the time to get that well and good and over with.

Part of me was quite upset it was not a flight to Korea.

That part stayed up late getting weepy drunk with the Electrician, who somehow managed to put up with weepy drunk pretty well, and I promptly feel asleep on the couch, or rather, fell asleep promptly about three hours after I should have gone to sleep.

My flightwhich I of course confirmed at the last minutewas scheduled to take off at 7:20 a.m Chicago time, a painful, painful hour of the morning would be required in order to wake up, get to the airport, check-in, get through security, and get on the plane in time. Like three to four a.m. early. Being well practiced at traveling drunk, I dutifully set three alarms of increasing volume and annoyance to go off and get me out of bed, with a “Get-your-ass-out-the-door alarm” set for 5:30.

The trip, being that it was out of country but not to Korea, was at the same time exhilarating, alluring, and terrifyinghence the drunken randomness of the night before. Those feelings, combined with my general ennui and the other events of turbulence in my life, had all conspired to keep me from sleeping. When I less-than-promptly passed out I did not foresee being up way to early being a problem. When my alarm went off I was actually resting quite peacefully and figured I’d had a good nap. In my half waking I turned off my alarm, thinking to wait for the next one, but opened my eyes enough to check the time.

5:30 a.m.


Leaped off the couch, walked naked into the bathroom.


Stood in front of the shower.


Nope, back naked into the living room, into pants, grabbed and tossed all my assorted and strewn belongings. Computer, check, phone, check, bags, check, vibrator, where did it get to? check, right, zip, out.

I was in my pants and out the door in under three minutes. I raced to the sidewalk with my bag slapping my legs as I was too rushed to roll it. The merry goddess of barely awake, half-drunken travelers provided me with the most beautiful taxis I had ever seen and it was most assuredly not full of people and stopped right in front of me.

The friendly driver grabbed my bag. I said the airport and fast as I had overslept and he got right on it. The cab drove away at 5:40. We managed to get from Rogers Park to the airport in close to 15 minutes.

From there I jumped out, got my bag checked in (as I already had a boarding pass) and then ran to security where a very nice security guard said good morning.

Apparently the look I gave back to him said my morning was anything but good.

“Not so good?”

“I overslept.”


“My flight is boarding in 20 minutes.”

“You’ve got plenty of time,” he assured me. It never felt that way when you were staring down the security line at O’Hare, but sure, I was going to do my best to have hope.

Turned out, the hope was worthwhile as I managed to make it through security and down the terminal to my gate in twelve minutes, giving me exactly enough time to suck down a venti-sized coffee, go to the bathroom, and get in line to get on board.

From there it was a hope, skip, and adrenaline come down til I landed in Atlanta for my layover, and then into Guatemala City for my conference.

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