Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bunch of Wankers, Really!

Suddenly the door burst open and in came the girls who had been performing the warm-up. They went around shaking hands and asking names and we did the whole meet-and-great song and dance again. One of the girls (Boz) and I really hit it off with her pink onesie and my pink dress. We got to talking and giggling, but I also remember hearing downstairs that our time was going to be limited to 15 minutes, so I was paying attention when I heard: “So, your pictures, you probably want to do that now; it’s harder after the show.”

“How do we do the pictures?” I asked. 

“Well, just, you know, take pictures.”

I led the charge, first because I was starting to tire of the general clumsiness of the men that were at the backstage scene, and second, because I wanted my picture, dammit. There was this awesome chair that looked rather much like a throne, so I said “Is here okay?”  

“Yes.” The new girls that came in started to crowd around me. They commented on my dress and I mentioned I had made the dress. That got the best response and we all started talking about crafting, making things, and hobbies, and suddenly it was like a slumber party with a bunch of giddy girls laughing and joking and being generally silly together as we tried to find the best position on the thronelike bench chair. The menwho had almost started talking againall clammed up again and the room was dead silent as I had someone snap pictures.

And that’s when it hit me. Here were six guys that were quite used to seeing these pretty girls naked, holding them up as masturbatory fantasies, ideals they could disrobe in their imagination as sex objects and fragile girls to be protected. These girls were fantasy objects for them. And here I was making them real people and ruining that fantasy. Not only that, but I was a girl they had not seen naked, who was clearly aware that all of them could be caught cock in hand at some point lusting after the girls that were sitting around us.  

I sank back into the throne, smiled, and put every inch of my amusement into the photo that was being snapped.  

I think I managed to accomplish the effect I was going for. 

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