Thursday, December 05, 2013

None of The Family Fare, I'm Going to a Girly Sex Show!

When the inevitable birthday rolled around I woke up, worked out, and mostly tried to maintain a positive and light mood while working from home. I worked out and worked from home, managing to get everything done that needed to be done, and clocked off early to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine.

“Hey, it’s your birthday isn’t it?” The Boy asked.  

“I’m trying not to think about it,” I responded.  

“I’m sorry; I didn’t get you anything.”

“I know; it’s okay.”

It was okay. He was there, I was there, we were together. I decided that was going to be good enough.  

“What are you doing for dinner?’

“I’m taking myself to Chicago for the show.”

“But dinner?”

“I figured I’d just eat at the venue.”

“We could go out.”

“If you want to; you don’t have to.”

This was met with several expletives and finally we managed to agree that we would go out to celebrate. I let him pick a restaurant and he came up with an interesting option for a semi-fancy Italian place in downtown Chicago.  

We drove up together, listening to the news and generally being in each other’s presence, which is a lot more romantic that it sounds when writing it down, but it works for us; has always worked for me and my love. The place he picked for dinner was nice, the food lovely, the wine good, and the company special.  

We giggled over the use of fancy forks, and the fact that apparently the place we chose to eat was popular with the Chicago show-going crowd. The restaurant was located across the street from some show or another. Our waiter later cleared that up for us.  

“Are you going to see a show?”

“I’m not; she is,” the Boy answered.  

“Oh, which one?”

“Uh,” I so wittily responded.  

“Oh. It’s just that there are three shows on tonight. People are either seeing Elf, Wicked or Rudolph.”

“Yeah, none of those. I’m going to see the Suicide Girls Burlesque Show.”

The waiter blinked. He looked at the Boy who smiled, amused.  

“And what will you be eating this evening?”  

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