Friday, December 06, 2013

Short Skirt, Cold Weather Walk

We both giggled in mild amusement after ordering. This had been the thing that was always so hard for other people on the outside looking in to figure out, and the thing that had always been so easy for the two of us to just do. I was the one that liked to do things (like go hang out with half-naked chicks), and he was the one that would prefer to nest at home with the dogs and a pint of ice cream while taking a bath. It works.

As dinner wound down I said goodnight, reminded him to come to the city tomorrow to get me, and walked out into the chilly Chicago night for my show.

While it had been warm all week, all of a sudden the temperature decided to drop hard while I walked the roughly five blocks to the venue. It had gone from being around 13C all week (~40F) to around -3C (~20F). This made for a very chilly walk down the streets.

The chilly walk was made only further chilly by the fact that I was wearing a very short skirt, because of course I had to pick the first really cold night in Chicago to wear a very short skirt and walk in my falling-apart leather jacket and hoodie into the perpetual windalways blowing in the direction you were facing no matter which way you turned.

I thought to myself as I practically jogged down the streets, Why, why did I choose to wear a short skirt with leggings and thigh-high leather boots and not jeans?

My entire body was chilly and here I was making stupid fashion choices.

Fortunately I had decided to wear a hoodie under the jacket to make it slightly warmer; however, the hoodie was only just longer than the short skirt, both riding high up to mid-thigh. I felt woefully underdressed for the winter cold.

Although, as I chastised myself for the cold weather, I did have to admit, I looked good.

"Fuck it!" I breathed out cold crystals into the air and walked faster.

I made it there in record timea little chilled, but none the worse for wear.

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