Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Bittersweet Birthday Plans

I decided I wanted to do something interesting for my birthday a while back, because I knew two things:

1) I would be celebrating by myself.
2) I would be utterly depressed about not being in Korea for my birthday.

I was right on both counts as the end of the month wound around and the birthday time came up. While it had not been a big deal for many years now, I had grown fond of going to dinner with my girlfriend or having a dinner party with friends, orbarring that—having an orgy. However, there would be no special dinner, no friends, and very little prospect of an orgy, so I needed to figure out something else to do in the great big city that is Chicago.

Roughly at the same time I was thinking all these things, something came up in a news feed somewhere.

Suicide Girls, it said.

This appealed to me.

Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque Show.

I was listening.

VIP tickets and packages.


I looked at the Boy.

“I want to spend an obscene amount of money to go see tattooed girls dance naked on my birthday.”

“What’s obscene?” I told him how much it would cost.

“That’s not obscene; do it already.”

With that, I booked a VIP ticket to hang out with the Suicide Girls on my birthday. My ticket included (among other things) a meet and great with the girls backstage, a photo op with the girls, a signed poster, a signed book, and a backstage pass with access to a super-special afterparty.

Pleased with myself, I stored my ticket for later and went on about life, trying to adjust to being in America again, which some days goes well and some days does not. As the end of the month rolled around I got excited about the show. I wanted something special to wear, and I had been digging through my ‘closet-o-fabric,’ which is the most obscene fabric collection I have managed to amass over several years. In said obscene fabric collection I found a piece of pink cotton printed with what looked for all the world like a punky goth Medusa. It also looked an awful damn lot like the Suicide Girls emblem.

Being crafty, I spent about forty minutes the night before my birthday working that up into a cute, albeit short, dress to wear to the show. Paired with a pair of thigh-high leather boots, and a silver necklace that was a gift from the Irish, I felt pretty much ready to go.

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