Thursday, January 30, 2014

After So Much Time In, Out! OUT!

As the middle of the month approached, after having endured the frost and snow and freaking rain, I really needed to do something. The thing that kept coming to mind was that I needed a show. The winter concert scene in Chicago had dragged a bit, and while I had seen at least two great acts (Iron and Wine and Over the Rhine), it was still rather on the sparse side for some of the shows I wanted to see.

However, I kept getting alerts on my phone that the RAA was coming to town. RAA: Rural Alberta Advantage.

There was a lot of thinking about it. I like, no, really, I love the RAA. I really do; however, I had seen them roughly two years ago in Chicago at almost exactly the same time of year, and I had been disappointed as hell, no two ways about it. I recall writing, “It felt like they were working.” This was my opinion of that concert and it was a problem for me. Music should be passion not a chore; it should inspire wild abandon. To tour and sing for a living was an amazing privilege, especially for a band like the RAA, which inspired such wild abandon in me. Shows should display a rush of crazy outward passion, letting go, fueling and refueling a wild desire in the audience. I know touring is a job, and not a pleasant one. I know performing is hard work, and I sympathize, having done a fair amount of performing for a living, albeit in a different way. However, as someone who put the show on the road, I know that despite the annoyingness of travel, you had to bring passion to it. You had to love it. You hat to, or everyone would know you don’t. At least, this was how I felt about it.

With that, imagine how disappointing it was to watch someone preform and make it feel like I was getting paid to watch them work, but not work they enjoyed, work that was unpleasant and hard. It was difficult for me. I left the show sadly disappointed, even though I knew the words to every single song.

Unfortunately, given the large lack of shows coming up, the RAA was the only thing on the horizon that looked interesting, I figured, hey why not? and got myself a ticket. Being enterprising, I decided to try getting a room on Airbnb, and found myself a nice little place that would be a roughly five-dollar ride cab to and from the venue. Considering the weather this was a good idea. When Friday rolled around I was feeling rather pleased with myself for all the arrangements I had made.

The, room, it turned out, was actually a lovely little studio apartment in Lincoln Park. In fact, I was amused as I was pretty sure my first apartment, and every apartment I lived in while in Korea, was smaller than this little place. The bed was comfortable, the room warm, and considering that it was once again snowing and violently cold I was pleased with myself. Also, for having the place to myself it had cost significantly less than a hotel room, meaning that this was definitely something I was going to do again. I dropped the rest of the things I didn’t need in the room, went to the street, grabbed a cab, and headed over to admittedly one of my favorite venues: Lincoln Hall.

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