Friday, January 24, 2014

From the Tropics to Winter

I flew back on the first, and had the Boy meet me at the airport. There was some small discussion while I waited for my second part of the flight in Atlanta.

Boy: I might be a little late.

Me: Why?

Boy: We have had some weather. It’s snowing a bit. Don’t be too surprised if your plane gets delayed.

Me: Okay; see you there.

I signed off of chat, had a martini, and then realized that I had accidentally screwed up my boarding time, so I had the fun of dashing down the airport. At least I got a workout in.

The flight was entirely uneventful (aside from the girl checking me in asking if I had a coat; I was from Chicago after all), as was the landing, but, as had been indicated by the Boy, it was snowing pretty hard. It was snowing hard enough that by the time the plane had finally managed to get to the gate the wings were already sporting an inch of snow. I was impressed.

The good news was the flight had not been canceled, as I was hearing during my walk through the airport that many flights were delayed, if not outright canceled due to the weather. This seemed like a bad time to be at O'hare. The Boy found me easily enough at the luggage retrieval. I grabbed my small suitcase, unpacked my coat, and returned to the land of “need boats” as opposed to the land of walking around barefoot (or in sandals), and sipping wine on the porch in the middle of December. Reality was cruel.

It was quite cold, but deal-able. We piled into the car and started the drive home.

“Sweet merciful goddess, you weren’t kidding.” The snow was coming down fast and thick. So fast, so thick. It was the light powdery snow that just covered everything it touches.

“This really seems not good.”

“It’s worse than it was when I was driving up here.”

We went slowly, with the goal of just getting home, which seemed liked a fairly good goal. There were not enough plows to keep up with the snow coming down, which required patience and not driving like a maniac.

“You want to get something to eat?”

“Not really in this weather. I’m good if we just vroom vroom.”

It was on the way home that I really started paying attention to the weather. Despite the weather, I got up on the second, worked out, and got ready for work. I was on the train, which was covered in snow, as it was really coming down now and apparently was going to continue coming down for the rest of the day. This was roughly around when I learned the phrases polar vortex, crushing weather, super cold, etc. All I could think of was that at least the trains were running on time.

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