Saturday, January 04, 2014

Raw Food Cooking

The Boy made the foolish mistake of getting me a food dehydrator for my birthday.

“You are going to love being a raw-food vegan,” I had told him at one point, jokingly.

“Well, I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups,” he replied.

“That’s not raw food.”  

“Well, it’s certainly not cooked.” Point to the Boy.

I had been looking at dehydrators, as I was fond of desiccating fruits and vegetables in Korea with the Irish’s dehydrator. However, I did not have one of my own in the U.S. During one late-night talk with the Artist, in which I laminated my lack of a dehydrator, she recommended that I get the Excalibur Dehydrator. Without really much thinking about it, I stuck it on my wishlist.

Imagine my surprise when the Boy started pulling it out of a box at me.

So, the dehydrating began. Mostly I wanted it to so that I could dry tomatoes and make the occasional dried zucchini chips for me as low-carb snacks, since I was still eating low-carb. So far the only thing I managed to keep the Boy from eating was the tomato chips, but everything else that came out of that dehydrator ended up consumed before I had a chance. So much for my love not enjoying being a raw-food vegan.

With a desire in mind to make some flax crackers, I started looking up recipes. I found some recipes for some very interesting crackers, tortilla chips, and tortillas themselves (among other things), and after about five minutes of reading through recipes I bought myself a set of raw-food cookbooks. The additional consequences of this was that I dragged the Boy to the grocery store at 8 o’clock on a Friday night so I could get a lot of vegetables to desiccate.

The results were pretty good, with batches of tortilla chips, pizza chips, tortillas, and nachos. All were delicious. All were low carb. I was in love with that machine.

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