Friday, January 10, 2014

When In Doubt, Eat!

When your car gets stuck in the middle of downtown Chicago on Christmas day there really is only one thing to do: Say "fuck it" and go eat duck. I figured if we were going to have to deal with this mess we may as well do it on a full stomach, a stomach full of duck. 

“There is like no one here! We could have walked in!” I had made a reservation and was told (in no uncertain terms) that the restaurant would absolutely not be holding any tables longer than 15 minutes, making it seem like the restaurant would be crawling with people. While there were people, it was not nearly the brutal slam we thought it would be; however, between the four of us we managed to be there on time.

“So how is the car?” asked the Electrician. 

“Parked. Here, this is my Christmas present. I brought the book because I won’t be able to answer any of your questions about it.” This seemed the best thing to do in the situation. Any question the Electrician was going to ask about either the car or the camera would be beyond my technical skill level. The best I could do was maybe recite statistics on the number of car failures on Christmas day or perhaps explain that technically now all car problems were the past tense with future prefect tense on the horizon, as it related to the discussion of the what-comes-next bit. 

In the meantime we ate duck. Duck was good. Duck was delicious.

“So after lunch then what?” asked the Bard. 

“Well, I figure we get a taxi, call the road service and tow the car somewhere."

“Take it to Scott’s.”

Scott’s was a legendary car service in this circle, frequented by both the Bard and the Electrician. 

“We could get it towed home.”

“That is a long tow.”

“Yeah, but if we do that we can than walk to pick it up.”

“Just take it to Scott’s and I can walk the key over tomorrow.”

“The insurance on our car has a free rental.”

“On Christmas day?”

“Probably the only place you can get a rental today would be the airport,” said the Electrician.

“Well if I have to go out to the airport maybe I can see the Artist after all.”

“Wait, what?”

“She is flying through Chicago today on her way home.”

“Why didn’t you invite her to lunch?”

“Her layover isn’t that long. Anyway, it’s not a thing; she’s going to be flying out soon.”

More discussion ensued and eventually we finished our food, I finished my bottle of wine and we headed back to the car. On the way I called for the tow and called the parental units to explain the situation that was keeping us from heading their way. 

At the car the Electrician popped out to give the engine a more thorough looking at. At least, in his opinion there was more than an engine in there, and surely, given enough time he could probably deal with whatever was going on with the belts.

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