Thursday, February 06, 2014

Injecting Thoughts-

Sometimes things are not linear. I think about past events and write them. Then I have to stop and have a thought.

Not everyone will always like us or interpret our actions honorably. Their reflections of us are like those in a fun house mirror. Always with distortions.

Some distort us and make us more fantastically wonderful than we could ever be in life.
Others see us as monsters.

We are the only people who can reflect ourselves as we truly are, and yet even our own interpretation can be muddied by the interactions of our lives.

I distort my reflection.

I distort the reflections of my friends.

I put people on pedestals when they would rather be on the ground with me. I miss who I have lost. I think, too, that those who have lost me miss me.

There is no in-between though, or way back. Only forward. New mirrors. New reflections.

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