Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Iron and Wine, Redux

After the Suns concert it was hardly 24 hours before I was at yet another show. This one started with a wonderful dinner in Lincoln Square, a place I had been before. The food was good, and the waiter met all of the classic requirements of Scott Thompson's Gay Waiter character. He was perfect, brusque, just on the edge of rude without being rude, and of course, recommended awesome food.

The food was exquisite and was followed by a show that was worth every cent spent. While I had seen Iron and Wine late last year, the show was sort of strange. It was Iron and Wine, but it was also Iron and Wine with a full back-up ensemble that sort of eerily overshadowed him as a singer. As the show went on he sort of slowly dissolved the band until there was only him and the guitar, and that was honestly the best part of the show before the band built back up again.

So when I learned that Old Town was having Iron and Wine again, one show in which he would be performing entirely solo, it seemed liked a good idea to get tickets with the Bard and the Electrician and strong arm everyone into going. Success on my part.

Iron and Wine is a great musician live with a band, but his element is him, alone, on stage, singing. This show, this quiet fundraiser for the Old Town School, was a perfect example of what he could do alone with his guitar.

It was perfect, quiet, wonderful, and I enjoyed it.

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