Saturday, February 08, 2014

Wedding Dress, Secret Colors, and New Friends

The shows.

The EpicTonic Freeze Festival. How appropriate when thinking about just how cold it had been in Chicago. I showed up more than in time for the bands and amused myself with a single drink that I planned to nurse for most the night. I waited and had good luck talking to a couple at the bar.

Talking to people in bars in Chicago was very different from talking to people in expat bars. In expat bars you had an instant in. "You're not from around here." It was perfect. No one was from around here. It was beautiful. It made it so easy to connect. In Chicago, everyone was basically from Chicago and I had yet to figure out what to talk about that allowed me to make a connection that didn't begin with "I was in Korea." I really tried not to do that anymore, which left me with a very limited repertoire of conversation. Somehow though, I managed to click with the people near my bar and we talked about the bands that were familiar to everyone. Most people were there for Carbon Tigers. I was there for the Suns.

I did love The Suns. As "Wedding Dress" came on I happily stood there and rocked out. They were good, had nice stage presence, and were happy to let me take pictures. Oh, happiness and new camera. Indulge me while I post many pictures.

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