Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chiditarod VI: Five Star, the Drinking, the Watching

While it was cold, I had been standing long enough waiting for things to go down that a nice walk seemed like a good way to warm up. I walked in the direction of the carts and followed them through the Ukrainian village just far enough before realizing that if I didn’t start reading street signs I was going to go the wrong way. I managed to turn just in time and walked in the direction of the Five Star, where Krueger, Foxy, and BabyFox were all doing check-ins.

The bar-crawl portion required that all carts check in at bars, get some drinks, and chill for 25 minutes. There were also additional games that could be played, and people could meet teams there to give them more food donations. It was also a fun place to get a closer look at the carts after the madhouse that was the starting line.

Unfortunately the place was so packed I could barely move and I was hungry. So after giving a quick heads up, I walked back down the street and found a quiet, empty Thai place for lunch. I sat near the window watching the carts race back and forth. The Thai waitstaff was all a-flutter about the goings on, but the single lady behind me amused me the most. She was on her phone.

“You would not believe what is going on! They have carts. I don’t know, a bunch of guys dressed as stewardesses. I think they are drinking. I have no idea what is going on. I’m going to take pictures I have to hang up first. They are all running. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen!”

I just smiled, had some green curry, and headed back toward the bar to chill out. While team Krueger-Fox was mostly busy that afternoon it was nice to at least say hello. I got a drink, as proceeds from the bar got donated to the full take of Chiditarod as well.

Pictures were taken, fun was had, and I realized that if I didn’t go and get a nap soon there was no way I was going to make the party I had in the evening, so around four I grabbed a cab, and hightailed it to a bed, where I rested my head in anticipation of being up til the merry-gods-know when.

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