Thursday, March 20, 2014

Safety in Numbers, or, With Armed People

The snow was falling hard in Chicago, the night too cool, and I grabbed another cab.

At first the cab was fine, but then he started yelling at me about only paying cash. He was swinging back and forth on the streets and it made my head and stomach lurch. He was yelling and I felt unsafe, so I changed directions, afraid to go back to my room alone. I headed to a place where there would be people.

Armed people.

When I arrived the cabbie was still yelling at me, so I tossed money at him and took off for the apartment doors.

“Armed people.” I said, who didn’t know I was coming, so even though I had a key I thought I had better push the bell. Also, I wanted the cab driver to see that I was meeting with live people so he wouldn’t come after me.

At some point in the evening the night had gone pear shaped and weird and I just wanted to lie down on a safe and familiar couch, which I quickly jumped into as soon as it was pulled back from against the wall. I slipped quickly into darkness.

When I woke up the next more three things hit me at once.

1. I really needed to knock it off with the not eating.

2. I was not in my room.

3. I was going to have to do the walk of shame from the Bard’s back to room in Chicago because that was where all my stuff was.

That night hit the city with four inches of snow, and I wasn’t dressed or prepared for any of it. I sighed, cleaned up after myself, and hopped into the cool morning air. It wasn’t until I was walking up the steps for the train and noticed that my knee hurt that I started to think beyond waking up on the couch.

Then I realized my head hurt.

Tired, amused, very hungover, and apparently all in one piece despite the goth molestation, I was worked my way back down to my room, breakfast, and a well deserved nap before I headed back out into the city for round two.

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