Saturday, April 12, 2014

Project Limits

We talked for a bit more, peppering the Project here and there with questions, mostly about his own tediously boring sex life. 

“I tried it once; I didn’t really see what the big deal was.”

“You’re doing it wrong,” I quipped. 

This caused the Bard to ask more of a key question, so we could ponder the exact makeup of the Project. 

“What are his strengths?” This had been something going about in our circle for awhile, which, like other personality assessments was a test to determine how people's personalities specifically break down. Most of the people in this circle had taken this particular test to determine exactly where they fell in specific places, and most of us had at least one crossover point, though we didn't conform in other ways. There are a number of strengths and knowing what they are can be useful in determining the process by which people make decisions. 

While at least three were known to us, one, the top, was not, and this occupied the rest of the conversation. During which I ate the first real meal I’d had since landing in California, because apparently while California believes in vegetarians and serving beef, cheese and chicken are hard to come by. Although there had been a “dinner” presented earlier, before we met for this particular dinner, it was being catered by none other than In-N-Out burger. While the hoity-toity conference attendees were pleased, I felt like I had been starving since I got off the plane. Dinner at a nice local circular seaside place while telling the amusing stories that pass for my life seemed like just the thing. 

“The thing is, this is the Project's last chance. If he can’t get it together, he’s going to be out because Doomhammer will kick him out.”

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