Friday, April 11, 2014

Seriously, A Panda

We did not dissect the Project over lunch. We saved that for dinner. The three of us together are very skilled in assailing a target though, so through both lunch and dinner we were slowly pulling out information and gathering data points about the Project. My initial impression of him as bland was not unfair, but he wasn't skittish.

“He most likely has Asperger’s,” the Balance had explained during the first dinner. We watched as the Project managed and coordinated specific things for the company on the phone. Aside from being a project, he also was immersed in work for the Balance.

“He doesn’t like conflict, but then he has to manage this conflict.” the Bard and I filed this information away gathering facts and beginning to put together a more complete tapestry.

“So, Ms. Deville, what have you been up to since I last saw you?” asked the Balance. I recapped my exodus from Korea and my current working situation. My break-up with Korea being the more emotionally palpable I did not linger over long, as there were more interesting things to talk about. Somehow during all of this I mentioned spending New Year's with my girlfriend in Florida.

“And your girlfriend is from here?”

“No, I met her in Korea.”

“And she is still in Korea?”

“Yes, but we will see each other in Hawaii soon.”

“And how long have you been together?”

This was beautiful misdirection, as the real intent in me sharing my stories was to eventually use it to further pry apart the Project and this amused me.

“I do believe I met her during Pussy Storm Twenty-Eleven.”

“Oh, come now, Ms. Deville, really?”


“You can’t possibly name something Pussy Storm.”

“That is what it was.”

And so it was that I re-told a story that involved among other things blondes, a beautiful woman, a rescue from a troll, rope bondage, an untimely fucking in an available bathroom, a more unseemly fucking of a Panda in front of a crowd of Koreans, being lost, being found, being in the rain, and finally the sordid details of people passing out during a half-started affair being discovered by others before I finally managed to make it back to crash. It was a long tiring night. Someday the entire details of that affair will be spilled onto the page, but I enjoyed telling the story, and really, the bit about the Panda made it so incredulous that it could be science fiction, though I assure you, it all happened.

“You filthy whore.”

“I do have a reputation to live down to.”

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