Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Warm Up

“Ms. Deville, I did not expect to see you here,” chimed the Balance in the steakhouse we finally managed to find him in.

“The Bard didn’t tell you?”

“She did not, and I am rather happy to see you. You filthy, filthy woman.”

As is normal in these situations, we ordered some drinks and completely ignored the Project, as we all knew his time would come. Instead, to help get the Project ready for what would most certainly be a rather pointed psychic flaying by the three of us in tandem, we talked about our lives and our past and happily reminisced about how I had successfully managed to defile his bathroom on my last visit to his home.

“I suppose when I bring two people that filthy together I should have expected it.” While telling this story we had the Project read the Cliff Notes, because, well, something that epic most certainly got written down. We amused ourselves in his amazement at key points in the story and the comments, and shared laughter about old times. It was comfortable and friendly: the casual ease of deep friendships that can be picked up simply and put back into place with little effort.

The day had been long, and with a few drinks on top, we made plans to meet the next day for lunch and for dinner, as soon as the two of us could slip away. Then we were off to our respective rooms for some sleep and preparation for the next day.

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