Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Anticipated Meetings

While waiting for my bag to come off the belt I kept looking around the airport scanning the features of people, looking for my lady love and our hosts for this trip to Hawaii: Code and the lovely Darque. In the fourth scan I finally saw all three of them standing not too far away, looking like a angelic trio of long-haired models. It was the kind of sight that can to take one's breath away, and I was certainly happy to see all three. I walked over, grabbed the woman I loved, and kissed her passionately.

“That’s right; we can’t get arrested here.”

“Not as far as I know.” In my head all I could think about was just how much I had missed her. Being separated too long had been agony, but it was so good, so pleasant, and so comfortable to see her again, that I figured I could handle just about anything life was going to throw our way for the next few days. As it stood, the plan was that life would not throw much at all.

“I brought you a flower.” Darque handed me a pretty pink flower and gave me a hug. Hugs were exchanged with Code as well.

“It is good to finally meet you in person.” I smiled as my bag came off the belt and we headed toward the car.

The night was warm and damp and delicious, and my hand held the hand of someone I adore. I’d been in Hawaii only a few minutes and already it was the most magical place on Earth. The sky was cloudy off and on. “Maui has some really interesting weather, depending on where you are on the island. This part of the island tends to be pretty rainy. Sometimes people joke about it, that the airport is not a good representation of the rest of the island. We live out in Haiku which is pretty rainy, but we can go places where there won’t be rain.”

As we drove, Darque took us through a tour in her mind, pointing out the lights on the mountains here and there, and explaining what we were seeing. At times, we saw waters swelling, white tips in the semi-dark night, illuminated by moonlight casting here and there. The night was full of darkness, mysterious and beautiful. The Artist and I were pressed together in the backseat holding hands. The conversations wandered between the island and talk of the flight itself. We recounted adventures of other journeys we had taken together until we finally arrived at the pretty little house surrounded by dark night and warm, wet ground. The Artist’s feet sank into the mud and we hefted our bags toward the house, but managed not too much the worse for wear.

Our room was lovely and private. The house was also peaceful and quiet. Glasses of wine, pieces of cheese, light conversations, and cat shooing all occurred until finally we all retired, The Artist and I because of the travel and excitement, our hosts because we had kept them up well past their bedtime. We made plans for the morrow and then all retired. My sweet reward for the long flight was falling asleep next to the beautiful woman I adored while listening to wind, and rain, and the sounds of a vibrant island nightlife sparkling outside.

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