Thursday, May 01, 2014

Espresso Martini Power

Maybe it was the weather, although I doubt it.

Most likely it was the espresso martini.

“Do we have gloves?”

“Why do you want gloves?”

“I want garden gloves.”

“Why do you want garden gloves?”

“I want to garden.”

“I want to take a nap.”

“You can take a nap; I want to garden.”

My love was amused but gave me his heavy leather gloves anyway, as we did not have gardening gloves.

“We need to get gardening gloves for me.”

“You hate gardening.”

“No I don’t. I just haven’t had time.”

“Are you feeling okay?”

“I feel fine.”

“How much did you have to drink?”

“Go take your nap!”

Two years ago my love had put in square-foot garden boxes in the yard. During the first year the garden produced occasional food: broccoli, peppers, eggplant, zucchini. It was planted ramshackle, which appealed to my love. The next year everything was eaten by animals before we had a chance to, although the gardens were mostly untended. Mint went wild in the lawn and the thyme was creeping over everything. As I was home this year, I wanted to show my approval of the garden boxes by helping out.

And apparently on this particular first warm afternoon in seven months, I wanted to go all out. I put on the gloves, a pair of paint-covered jeans and a hoodie and spent the next two hours pulling weeds and turning earth with the big shovel. By the time the air was starting to really cool and a promised thunderstorm was preparing to roll in, I had managed to turn six of the seven garden boxes to fresh earth.

When the Boy woke up he came to look at my handiwork, and while still suspicious, seemed otherwise  pleased. The next day, still feeling a need to garden, we hit the hardware store and I picked up some gloves a spade, and seeds. More hoeing, raking, and turning later I had the boxes fixed into pretty rows for gardening. I decided to hold off on trying to plant anything.

“You know it’s going to snow now, now that I’ve done all this work. If I try to plant anything it will get snowed on.”

“It is supposed to be colder tomorrow.”

That night the weather report said some snow, but it would not stick. We got three to four inches of snow overnight and it stuck just fine. I figured the rest of my gardening ambitions would hold until I got back from Hawaii. 

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