Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting to the Heart of It

We bought eight bottles of wine and a ton of groceries. The elfin Darque caught up with us in the shop and helped us load things into the car. “You know I’m going to make you cook all this,” I quipped at the Artist.

“Oh really?”



She did cook it up. And she did a beautiful job of it. I sat and drank wine as she moved, chatting with our hosts, but most of the time with an eye on her, watching her move about the room, watching her planning and plotting the cooking out. I loved to watch her in the kitchen. I thought back to my last morning in Korea, watching her move about the kitchen, making a last breakfast for both of us to share. I thought back to our run in with the ajjuma that afternoon, I thought back to her life in Korea and mineso far away from Korea for now. There were many memories all wrapped up in it.

In the end, dinner was perfect and included an artichoke, which we shared between us. We pulled the leaves off, working our way down to the heart of it, and as it revealed itself and its colors through the layers, I felt just as naked and exposed, pulling off little shells of protection that I had been adding on ever since I'd left Korea. Feeling completely happy, completely satisfied in the company of friends. Perhaps I was still lonely in Chicago, with so few friends that I can feel open with, or perhaps there was still that lingering missing I have of travel, other countries, other places.

We worked our way to the heart of the matters, sipping wine, drinking, being in the moment and the now, in love, and living.

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