Thursday, June 05, 2014

I'm only French over Cabernet Sauvignon

There was minor amount of wandering, mostly just checking out dildos until the Electrician arrived. Then we covered some ground as a troupe, until the Bard needed a rest and I wanted a glass of wine. We headed out the door and I bought enough tickets for her to get a bottle of water and me to get a class of wine. 

I walked up to the aging geriatric bartender, who must have been 70, and whom I remembered from last year’s IML. 

“What do you want, sweetheart?” He said with an unmistakable Chicago accent.

“I’ll have the Cabernet Sauvignon.” 

“Well, are you French?”

“No, I just drink a lot of wine.”

“You say that very well. Like you're French.” He repeated it back to me saying it almost the way I had, rounding his mouth on the final syllable of Sauvignon. I smiled and the Bard and I took the super-secret elevator down to the sixth floor for a quick break. 

There was chitting and chatting while I waited for a phone call that never came. Fortunately I did see the text message that had come in. 

Faust: I’m here. So much leather. 

I fired off a quick shot that I would be down in a second, climbed off the couch (a corset does not always make it easy to be graceful), and took the super-secret elevator down to the first floor. 

Faust: By the Starbucks.

I walked through the see of Leathermen having drinks at the bar downstairs and found Faust ordering a coffee. 

“Oh, gods, coffee, yes; I’ve barely had any.”

“Look at you all dressed up,” replied Faust. I supposed I was all dressed up. Between the devil horns, bracelet and my new corset, I was feeling pretty well equipped. Now I had some serious shopping to do. 

“All right, I’m going to get a coffee, then we must hurry. I have dildos that need buying.”

We finished our drinks quickly and headed up to the toy store.

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