Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Leather, Cockrings, and Puppies

Faust was properly impressed by all the hustle and bustle, all the leather, and of course, all the half-naked men walking around in nothing more than jock straps and chaps.

I took him up to get his bracelet, that would prove that he was both old enough to get into the market, and of course, that he would promise not to be offended by all the things he might see. The standard waiver for these sorts of events is generally that you acknowledge that you are at an event that basically caters to sex, sexuality, and fetishes, and if you were willing to walk through the door than you are willing to take the chance that you might see some public displays of sex, an occasional porno, and a lube fountain.

“You know, I’m not sure that the consent form really makes clear how depraved this is. I feel like I needed to be asked more for my eyeball consent. I’m being visually assaulted,” said Faust.

“Speaking of assault, I have dildos to buy.” And with that we wandered toward the entrance of floor one of the market. Having had a previous chance to figure out what I wanted, on this round I was buying, but also making sure that Faust had time to check things out.

“What is that? What are those? What is this?” Where questions I was all to answer for Faust. First, we ended up at a nice little cane stall where I had previously stopped in, and I bought myself some new riding crops and a glow in the dark cane, a must have for the girl who has everything.

I thwacked Faust with it.



It was most amusing. I had a reputation going all the way back to 1998 for thwacking people unawares with a riding crop, so I didn’t feel too bad about that thwacking.

Faust was taking the tour with me and mostly just sort of awed by the amount of what was going on. I pointed out major landmarks on the way.

“This is Gearworks. They pretty much do the best cockrings on the planet.”

“Cockrings, huh?”

“Yes. They are known for doing cockrings and ball weights, but since I’m a girl I don’t get to shop there.”

“Cockrings?” It was both a question and a curiosity.

“Do you want to check it out?”

“Maybe.” We continued on past the lube fountain, a gigantic display of leather mitts, and a puppy, who was donning a rather impressive and realistic-looking puppy mask and doing a barking display for a friend, who was recording it.

There were several packs of puppies wandering about, frolicking and being genuinely excitable. At one point when I was looking at a variety of different floggers, I noticed a pack of alphas standing just outside a corner. When a group of young puppies would walk buy one of the Alphas would step forward and start barking. A puppy from the group would invariably break off to look over at the Alpha, coming over to sniff around him and jump, until after being petted he would go back to join his troupe. There was something terribly amusing about the human interaction of Alphas and puppies sort of allowing themselves the freedom of public pack mentality for a weekend.

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