Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Best-Laid Plans

IML weekend is always a bit more fun when you know you are going to meet some kinky people there. It’s even MORE fun when you get to take someone who has never been before. A kid in a candy store has nothing on a fetishist visiting IML for the first time. With this thought in mind, I invited Faust to join me at IML, since he had never been before.

“What do they have?”

“Leather. Lots of leather.”

“Okay. I’m in.” That settled, I had a half lie in, did some work, had a shower and some lunch, and then wended my way down on the train to the IML-ness. I totally emptied out my bag, deciding that it would fill up pretty quickly, so it was best to have it empty for the trip as I planned to fill it. The previous day's shopping had given me much to think about over the night and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to buy the next day.

I got to IML and it was pretty clear from who was on the train that I was not the only one headed there. Granted, I was probably the only one headed there sporting devil horns, but that is how I tend to roll sometimes. I was feeling rather butch and buff in my leather jacket, and pretty happy with myself overall. On the train I saw a few well-muscled men clearly on their way to the event. On the street I saw an assortment of boys and girls in leather shorts, leather armbands, kilts, halters, and hair of all colors. This was an event that brought out the kinky people, the goth kids, the freaks, and the weirdos. Chicago: my kinda town.

I went through the secret kinky bat-cave elevator with several other people who looked like tourists. Even though the elevator was filling up with kinky people the boys asked in a quiet whisper where the event was.

“Hit the button for the fifth floor,” I said, putting all my Domme into it.

They did, and looked almost chastised. I smiled, devil horns wiggling a little, as we went up, and finally off the elevator. It was not yet super crowded but clearly starting to get busy. I had about an hour and a bit before Faust showed up, and the Bard and the Electrician were supposed to be on the way. So I set out to do the first thing I knew I was going to do.

Corset shopping.

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