Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hall of the Gods

“Sadly, we only get to go through half of the hall of the gods. Though still a good portion of gods.”

“Hall of the gods?”

“Yes, the hall of the gods.”

The hall of the gods is the great collection of Thai, Indonesian, Indian and Malaysian art that occupies the hall connecting the old museum with the modern wing. This is then picked up in the modern wing by the second hall, with Greek art featuring the Greeks in their various ways, still very pretty and fascinating.

Walking the length of either hall makes me feel powerful and worshipful, but the full effect of walking through one, then the other, is always so mesmerizing and distracting that sometimes I forget what it was that I was at the museum to do in the first place.

The party was on the ground floor, where I indulged in a delightful cheese buffet, a couple of martinis, and the beautiful lounge quintet before asking if they had opened the display. A burly security guard who looked like too much of a stereotype for his own good informed me that yes, the show was open.

“And really, you should go now because it’s huge.”

Huge was an understatement. 

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