Thursday, July 31, 2014

To and From New York


This is the only way to describe the day. I admit, though I have enjoyed working in Chicago, the job I have is not most suitably me and I want a job that is more suitably me. Looking, searching, and possibly finding, I stumbled upon a job and put in an application for what the hell purposes, never actually expecting to even really be considered.

And then they called me.

And we interviewed.

And we interviewed again.

And they called me again and asked me how I would feel about coming to New York to meet people in person.

When I said yes, I assumed that I would be going overnight, but instead I was booked for a single day. Fly out in the morning, talk talk talk, fly back in the evening.

The flight was only two hours both ways, so I figured why they hell not?

I reconsidered why the hell not at 4 in the morning Chicago time, but was up, showered, and out the door by 4:30 no problem. Usually I can go straight out the door and get a taxi on the street with no wait, but apparently the taxis didn’t get the memo this morning so I called and then worried that I was going to miss my flight when I realized I wasn’t getting on to the airport until 5:20 for a 6:50 flight.

My cab driver, who was very talkative, explained that he would get me there in time, and he did, so the reality was I had nothing to worry about aside from drinking a ton of coffee and going over in my head what I needed to do.

Out at La Guardia, I called for my cab, and then waited and waited while my cab didn’t find me. Apparently this was going to be one of those days where nothing was going to be easy. But still, New York.

Even on the edge of the city I can feel the thrum of it. As I finally got picked up to begin the drive to my destination, it struck me again just how different this particular concrete jungle is from my Chicago. Dark and older, seemingly more travelled and traversed, it is a city I have a love/hate relationship with. Granted, the last time I was in it I was working so much I really didn’t get to know much of it…and by the time I was starting to enjoy it, I was gone.

This day trip to New York was not unlike the month I spent there in 2010. Too fast, too rushed, too impossible to know the city or what it holds. I spent most of my day on the road or locked in offices, dealing with a variety of things, all of them occupying my mind more than being in NYC. There was a strangeness to it, and while it was not much different from going to and from Seoul, it was different in the amount of time I had to spend waiting on either end, since you can’t just show up a few minutes before you need to leave; you have to be there at least an hour before. Still, the travel itself only made me a touch tired.

The 16 cups of coffee had a lot more to do with my insomnia on a night where I should have been absolutely tired.

The coffee and the low, dull, trilling thrum of two cities competing for my attention, with me in the middle not sure where I wanted to be.

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