Thursday, July 24, 2014

White Privelage

“Oh, come on, white does not really go with the ensemble,” I said motioning to myself up and down.

“I can see how it would look out of place,” he said, a bit too enthusiastically.

He spent some time on the computer looking for places where we might get a phone. “If it is not too far away I can send you over there,” he explained.

“Except that I am pedi-mobile.”


“No car, on foot, at the mercy of public transit.”

“Oh, yeah, well…I mean…,” he paused and gave me the once-over look again, “I can drive you.”

And I wasn't even wearing anything that revealing.

“I’m sure you’d enjoy taking me for a ride, but mostly I need a phone.”

PhoneDoctor raised an eyebrow, then just looks at me like he can’t believe I am a real person. I get that sometimes.

“Let me see what I can do.”

After twenty minutes of searching, though, I learned to my dismay that the only phone available in the city of Chicago in black was so far out in the burbs it was practically a different country. Seriously, who the hell thinks that Schaumburg is a part of the state of Illinois?


“White is all I got.”



“Well, if you can wait, I’m sure we can mail you something in like…two weeks?”

“No, no. I’m going to cut someone in two weeks if I have to keep using this phone.”

And so it was settled. White phone was out, new phone was coming in, and I was going to live with the shame of being the only semi-recovered goth girl on the block with a white freaking phone.

About five minutes later though, I had a phone that worked and connected to things. I was in love, and were it not still illegal to marry inanimate objects I thought I might propose. I’m sure this time my feelings will last, I know that the S4 won’t disappoint me like all those other phones. It can’t, it won’t.

Because this time it is real. So real.

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