Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yeah, I know phones.

My weekend of Hubbard Street got slightly derailed by an invitation.

“Would you like to come to a desert tray?”


My original plan for that weekend had been very much to see Hubbard and then go relax at home and maybe do a little, more likely a lot, of sewing.

But…dessert tray.

With that my plans changed. Rather than go home, I went to the northern suburbs to go shopping, do some work, and maybe have some lunch. Work was me, working desperately on a book deadline I was sure was going to kill me and not get done and the effort of writing was pressing upon me the pressure of writing a book in a single month. I knew I could do it, but I also knew it would not be easy.

Saturday was spent drinking coffee, working, having lobster bisque, having a job interview, doing more work, and then going to buy a phone.

I had to admit, I had a lot of phone rage. I was hating on my phone more and more with each passing day. It annoyed me to have to give in, but I knew well enough the processor was slow, making it impossible to use most of the functions, and it was not improving with age. Even the simplest things were requiring more and more time and it was making me a little cranky. I wanted to study Spanish on my phone, watch things, listen to my music, etc, etc, etc, and my phone was essentially cockblocking all functionality. It was pissing me off.

A few weeks earlier I had visited the phone shop and considered my various options and prices. I knew that with IML weekend I might have to wait perhaps mid-June, bit I was getting crankier and crankier with it and realized that I was not going to make it to mid-June.

I walked into a Radio Shack, because I wanted to own the unit and not have something that I might have to pay to have unlocked. Besides, Radio Shack was, in fact, having sales on phones that weekend.

And there she was, the sweet, sweet Samsung S4, the most reasonably priced respectable Android-based OS they had in stock. Mostly, upon entering I was sure that I wanted the S5. However after much time spent looking at the S5, I had to admit that I did not want a phone that was that large, even though it did have nice features and lots of excellent options. I negotiated back and forth, talking with the phone jokey in the white lab coat, who took one look at me in my black Doc Martins, black stockings, and black dress, and decided I was his tribe.

“So, what are you looking for? I can explain your options.”

“I’m looking for an Android OS with a quad-core or better that has between 1 and 2 gigs of functional ram, decent internal storage, can deal with my tricked-out micro SD card, and has 4g.”

“Uh…so…you, uh…know about phones.”

“Yeah, I know about all sorts of things.” I smiled and gave him time to recover. I did feel some pity, as when I walked in he was talking to a couple of Midwesterners who had no idea what they were looking for, couldn’t distinguish between an Android and an Iphone and spent at least 30 minutes going through every phone there without committing.

After much back and forth me and the PhoneDoctor agreed that the phone that would suit me best at the moment was the S4 and so that was what I wanted to go with.

Except they only had it in white.

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