Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back in Black

The Rollergirl had moved to Guatemala, of which I was aware, and since I was going to be in Guatemala I asked her out for dinner.

“What time and where to go?”

“Meet me at my hotel at 6.” I gave her the room number and she phoned to get up. I put on a pretty dress and went to grab my bag, as the door opened. I ushered her in just as I finished my rather life-altering phone call.

“You aren’t going out like that are you?”

“Well, I was planning on it. There was a place down the road I thought we could go to.”

“Okay, but you need to put your phone and your wallet in your pockets.”

“I don’t have pockets.”

“You have to.”


“We also need to be back before it gets dark and we shouldn’t drink out there, you know.”

Feeling rather deflated I asked why.

“Well this area is notorious for muggings. I really don’t want a gun in my face.”

This rather quickly changed my feelings about the plans that I had in relation to going out to dinner.

“You know, the hotel has food and a bar. How do you feel about eating here, and drinking here, then.”

“That is okay, that sounds okay.”


I could tell.

“Give me a second, then,” I pulled my dress over my head and put back on the black dress I had been traveling in all day.

“That’s better.”

“You just like it because it’s black.”


We went downstairs to go to dinner. The walls of the restaurant were open, allowing the breeze to come in from the street. For a hotel that was booked solid the place was empty for dinner. We sat by a waterfall and discussed our lives, our decisions, the things we wanted to do with our life. The food was lovely, the drinks were cool. The night seemed to solidify around the future with both of us making a variety of choices about what we would do moving forward.

The flavors of the evening were both bitter and sweet and we finished in time for her to walk safely home and for me to adjourn to my room to get ready for the early morning road trip that would take me to my destination for this particular tour of Guatemala.

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