Monday, August 25, 2014

Contemplation on the Future

I was back to Guatemala for the summer edition of what I love to do. After flying to New York there was a new resolve.

One way or another, I was going.

One way or another, I needed to go.

One way or another, there is the thing I do, and that thing is defining, a key core characteristic of who I am as a person, and without it I feel ennui, lost, bored. After New York, I knew that things were going to change one way or another. What I did not know, would be how long change would take.

In the meantime, I flew to Guatemala again, with all expenses handled for a presentation. I was excited to present, excited to see some old friends, excited to make some new. The flying itself was taxing as ever, even though I never left my time zone. Three a.m. to an airport, one p.m. landing. In all, uneventful.

In the lead up I spent five months working on my Spanish again, a rather constant studying, that included (among other things) reading novels in Spanish. I landed feeling very pleased with myself, knowing that I had worked hard to learn the language.

Going through customs the first words out of my mouth were Korean.

I suppose some things never change.

I got to the hotel and checked my email.

According to my email my life was about to change.

One phone call later, and the trip to Guatemala was not the only thing floating around in my brain. I tried to settle down, got a bite to eat, and make arrangements for dinner with a thousand thoughts in my head.

Life was going on, one way or another.

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