Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spanish success: I take pleasure where I can.

The next morning I got breakfast in the restaurant downstairs after a rather intense workout. The new workout and diet program I was on required me to eat carbs three days a week. It pained me and I hated it, but I figured that was what I had to do, and I would do it. I figured for breakfast I would have toast.

The waiter asked me in Spanish what I wanted. I managed passibly.

Quiero toast?”

Si, senora, toast y café?”

Si, café.”

Con leche?”

“No…no leche. Ah, negro?”




“Anything else?”

“No, just toast.”

He walked away and came back with three pieces of toast and black coffee with some jam on the side. I noticed all the jam was apple with only one strawberry. I despise apple jam so I stopped the waiter.”

“Uh,” I pointed, because pointing really seemed like the best way to negotiate what I wanted.

“Uh,” I pointed to the single strawberry.



He walked away and came back a few moments later with nothing but apple jam.

I sort of looked at the plate defeated, in my brain the word manzana kept floating around, which of course was very unhelpful since it translated to apple. Finally, though out of a cloud:

Fresias. Me gusto fresias. Quiero fresia por favor?’



My waiter smiled again and walked off with the jam. He returned a few moments later with a plate full of strawberry jam.


De nada. Me nombre Jesus. Nota Jesus.”

He handed me a complement card so I could recommend him by name, which I happily did. He even filled up my thermos with coffee for the long drive that would take most of the day.

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