Thursday, September 18, 2014

And then life happened...


My life changes fast, with the sort of rapidity that even I couldn't figure out, In the end, I moved to New York.

And so, now, here I am in New York.

That is the thing. A few weeks ago I was going on a pie-in-the-sky, shot-in-the-dark interview that might well have not panned out. It was interesting, the job, and I had to admit that after the interview I wanted it, but the thought of actually getting it seemed elusive at best.

In Guatemala I got the call.

Within a few days I was literally looking to rent in New York and move.

A few days from that, I had moved. So here we are.

The job is good. Travel is good.

Life is…interesting as always.

There are so many things in my head I’m not sure what exactly I want to write about or to say yet. It’s all been so fast. I miss Chicago, I love Chicago, but I needed to not be in Chicago.

A friend of mine, who has met a lot of Chicagoians elsewhere once said “The thing about people from Chicago is that they are always so loyal to Chicago, they love it like nowhere else, and they will always talk about how it is where they are from. But they seem to love it best when they are not there.”

I don’t think I can argue too much with that.

Here it is, New York.

A thing that is old, and now new again. A good thing. A fast thing, a strange thing.

Settling has been unsettling, but gods, I must say, I feel more myself than I have in a year. Not just the job, which I love to the end of the earth, but everything.


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