Saturday, October 04, 2014

Trapped In New York

The move to New York had been keeping me for the most part in my apartment. Even a short trip back to Chicago for Riot Fest was unsuccessful as it was too cold and I was not feeling well enough to go. I passed on my tickets and spent most of my weekend in a warm bed.

However, the lingering amount of time in my apartment was beginning to drain me, and mostly it was lack of funds keeping me in. Then I remembered Nick Cave.

Actually, I might have forgotten Nick Cave entirely had not one of the fellows that I currently work with turned out to be a Nick Cave fan and chose to remind me about the Town Hall that I had not purchased tickets for.


Of course, at this point, all tickets were secondhand and I went through a very long (10 minute) debate about whether or not I should by tickets. Which of course, ended in me buying a ticket because I convinced myself that money or no money I needed Nick Cave. Also what are credit cards for if not abuse?

This particular event would be different from my last Nick Cave experience in Australia, and would also make up for having to sell my Nick Cave concert tickets for Montreal. The week leading up built a high level of excitement for the event.

The event itself was going to be different because the first part would be watching the movie 20,000 Days on Earth with Nick Cave in the theater. I didn't care that he wasn’t sitting next to me, I was happy to know that he was going to be in the theater with me. After we watched Nick’s movie (I feel for the amount of time he spends in my dreams we are on a first name basis now) he was going to sing to me (and I guess to the other 200 people in the theater, but mostly to me).

I was okay with that. It would be at least a nice way to spend my first real weekend in New York.

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