Wednesday, November 05, 2014

My Life between Big Cities

I had tickets for Hubbard Street in October, which of course, meant I had to fly to Chicago. In all, living in New York is a touch preferable to living in Korea when one is homesick for Chicago. It’s a shorter flight, and all around a slightly less fussy pain in the ass to get from New York to Chicago and back again. (Also, practically a quarter of the cost of flying to Korea.)

I made plans with the Geek, who had taken to staying on my couch and watching my dogs when I was out of the city but needed to make sure the Monkey was alive and well, and hopped a flight to Chicago. My love picked me up from the airport and we had much less of an adventure getting home than on my last trip, when a rental car developed a flat tired that required a tow. Of course, being that it was almost 10 at night on a cold, rainy, and potentially snowy, Chicago September eve, we had to get towed to a rental place, which turned out to be closed and unstaffed. Without information to pick up a new car. With a lot of confused people trying to figure out why we were at this particular rental agency. In all, it was not the greatest of times and we got home at close to 2 a.m.

Friday I got up at 6 a.m., did a training, and spent the rest of the day working from home without pants, being loved by a big black dog, and enjoying the senses, sights and sounds of my Chicago home. Autumn in Chicago is very cool in October, and the leaves were changing colors outside my window. The coffee seemed stronger, and the feeling of being home more present.

The next day it would be all Chicago all the time. I had decided that since I had to come to Chicago to see Hubbard Street that I would combine this with a trip to the Contemporary art museum to see the special exhibit David Bowie Is. This would be followed by lunch, day drinking, martinis with BLUE CHEESE OLIVES (!!!!!) and Hubbard Street. It was going to be a busy Saturday and I was looking forward to all the fun I could get into and up to in twelve hours.

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