Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Goal of Not Eating Korean Food In Korea

So far I had been in Korea 48 hours. At this rate, I'm pretty sure Korean food was not going to happen.

The Uzbekis were very nice to us. We ordered a bottle of Russian vodka and pickles and enough meat to make an Uzbeki horseman feel like he was having a good night on the plains. We ate the fuck out of that food.

Fry-gasam, or Carb-gasam? We spent a lot of time arguing the point. 

All the fucking meat was OURS!!!!!

Oh foods. 

Oh yes, and for some reason my throne was left on the streets of Korea where just anyone could sit on it. I was not amused. 

Of course, after consuming our body weight in vodka and meat, the only thing I was really capable of doing after this was going the fuck to sleep. Which I did for the next 12 hours. 

I regret nothing. 

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