Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh Korea...

My lady love was getting in early for work so we figured the best thing to do with such exorbitant amounts of free time was to take in a movie. Unfortunately the movie near her place both did not sell popcorn and did not have a show playing anytime soon (I asked all about it in Korean *squee*) so we decided to try a different theater recognized by her Iphone. This sent us to the CGV Art Hall in Hongdae and gave us enough time to do several things.

First was to check out the CGV Art Hall theater, which is sort of what Koreans think an Artist hall would be like if all artists lived in burned-out factories and had a life narrated by Bansky, Legos, and Star Wars. It was amusing to watch the Korean girls walk around in their factory-designed overalls for no readily apparently reason except that it was artistically fashionable.

I found myself muttering “Oh Korea” as that seemed to be the sentiment I was experiencing as I traipsed through my long-lost homeland. Oh Korea, if you were a child we would smile and nod; if you were a pet we should shake our heads and pet you; if you were an elder we might politely agree, but you are who you are Korea, and we don’t know what to do with you. We can’t properly hold you and coddle you, so we whisper “Oh, Korea” while shaking our head in dismay and amusement that you still manage to get away with it all. Well, Korea, at least you are cute. 

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