Saturday, December 27, 2014

What is it all about?

Quartermain and Ladybug brought their swimsuits and almost immediately in the door we were all changing into bathing suits. 

“We have 1 hour to go swimming, let’s go!” cried Ladybug, bubbly as ever. We all changed and walked down the stairs with our towels and robes and things so we could change when we were done and hit the basement gym of foreignerville, which contained (among other things) a full-size pool.  

“Oh, bloody right,” said Quartermain sliding in. 

“Yes!” said Ladybug right behind, and then we were all in. The water was coolish but warmed so it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. We all took turns slipping and sliding under the waves and generally playing in the water like children. 

“You know there is a hot tub, too?”

“What, where?”

And so from the pool we all hit the hot tub for a soak and to play with the variety of different waves. We were being pummeled by jets and splashed water around. Quartermain floated into the middle and was cast heartlessly back against the wall. We talked, exchanged stories, and finally, after a good hour of soaking and a realization that things would shut down soon, we finally exited, returning to the gender-segregated rooms to shower off before heading back upstairs. 

Upstairs my lady love was well on her way to putting the finishing touches on her sour-cream cake. 

“So, I hope you lovelies don’t mind but dinner is leftover Thanksgiving food.”

“That’s fucking right it is.” Quartermain asked if there was any bread about, and from there proceeded to build was classed a cubit, which I will call sandwich unfit for eating, and which might also be a Dagwood in some circles. It consisted of turkey, potatoes, gravy, mayo, I think mustard, cranberry sauce, more turkey, stuffing, repeat, repeat, repeat until you had a sandwich that seemed both inedible and yet super happy making for the parties involved. 

“Yes, this is what I was dreaming of, yes, this. This is what it is all about.” And from there he dug in, all hands on deck and enjoyed. 

We stayed like that sitting, eating, drinking talking, a merry repeat of the previous night that turned into a bit of a sleepover as we all passed out in our respective areas. In all it was a very good almost-last party in Korea. 

Of course, the last party was good as well, full of adventure and spankings and well wishes and ended in rather a blur where before I knew it I was waking up at 5 a.m. getting my bags and heading back to the airport. 

The flight home was long and uneventful. And when I landed in America it felt a little more familiar. A little more like home. A little more right than it had the when I left. Perhaps it was because I had a chance to go home. Maybe because I’m getting more used to not being in transition. Perhaps I am embracing a life in the states once again. Where months ago it would have been unheard of, I am more comfortable inside myself here than I have been before. It’s a small win, but feels like an important one nonetheless. 

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