Monday, December 08, 2014


Sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight to Korea seemed all too familiar, all too normal, and in some ways all too right. Like I was going home, like this was the flight i needed to be on. An interminable wait later and I was on a plane, watching movies and thinking about my Korean home.

The flight to Korea was like a thousand kinds of deja vu. A repeat. So familiar. The more things change the more they stay the same. 

There was bibimbop on the plane. The Korean guy in the middle seat that wouldn't move when I wanted to get out of the seat, so I had to step over him, with the stewardess giving Korean bitch-face. A long, dark flight. 

An ocean to cover. 

The landing in Seoul; the announcements in Korean. The mountains of Korea were covered in a light fog as the plan landed around seven, giving the entire country a feeling of something out of a fairy tale. All things change and at the same time all things really do stay the same. It was pretty much exactly as I expected, while still somehow being just a little fresh and new. I'd worried about my luggage getting booted for at least the last three hours. 

My luggage did not get booted. 

Korean immigration did not lock me up and throw me in a cell. 

I was home. Incheon, is (as always) Incheon. 

Behind the doors, with my luggage, I knew there would be a beautiful woman waiting for me. The purpose of my trip was the beautiful woman on the other side of those doors. 

She was the goal. 

And maybe the excuse. The chance to go home. 

Home, however, had changed. Knowing that my trip would be centered around my lady love made the trip different in its own way. But there would still be a lot of me there, in little nooks and crannies of Korea; there were still little things I remembered and the people I had been. 

Still, I was happy to be home. 

She greeted me with purple flowers and a smile. And with a hug and a kiss I walked into my long-lost Korean home for the first time in a year. 

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