Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Exploring the City

“Can I have some giggle juice?” asks Hellion as we sit down in a theater to watch John Wick.

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Check.*

It’s been awhile since I’ve been so amused and felt so wrong while feeling so right all at the same time.

“But of course.” I passed over my flask.

Enter Hellion.

It goes without saying that after spending two months in New York I was due to start making friends and the good goddess knows I would have preferred not to have spent all of September locked in my tower. Were it not for a long walk in the park with friend Ramsey I would have done absolutely nothing in New York city before October.

Fall was hitting the city, and even though I knew my November was going to be insanely busy, I wanted to at least try to get out of the house. It was a crisis of issues that prevented me from leaving home of course: deathly ill, broke from a move, traveling too much. All the usual things that keep me from going anywhere, but I knew that at some point I would have to break through and actually get out.

The first step was starting a kinksters meetup in my neighborhood to replace the one that was absent from my life with Chicago in the middle of the country. That was easy enough to do, and through it I’ve made some lovely friends and started to explore the nightlife of Harlem. My new group of friends brought with it one Mr. Spanker, who it turns out has a love for theater.

Step two, of course was to get out of my neighborhood.

Mr. Spanker, with his love of theater invited me out to a play in which a naughty Priest and a naughtier Nun question God, life, living and love, with some murder and betrayal thrown in. It was quite awesome.

Step three, of course, was to hit the local dungeon, which I did on Halloween night, and from there talk to some locals and bring the gear. The gear was much admired, but the local dungeon turned me off almost immediately when a couple doing a fire scene was not only screaming so loudly that you could hear them on every floor of the dungeon, but part of the screaming included safe words that were being ignored by DMs.

Step four, then would be to find a better dungeon, which after a bit of searching I stumbled upon in the form of a pop-up party. The pop-up party usually happens in one place, but can happen in any number of places, and it is most often known as Powder.

Powder has quickly become my favorite party in NYC.

Having proceeded through most of my usual steps for meeting people, it was on to Step six.

Make friends.

Enter Hellion.

*For the record having lived in a country where the legal drinking age was 19, I'm not really all that torn up by this at all. 

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