Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Making Friends, Hurting People

I hit Powder after having a chance to see Mr. Mark Lanegan sing again, this time with his band. Mark brought everything I would expect him to bring to a concert, opening with the "Gravediggers Song" and ending with a few pieces from his Screaming Trees days.

I was pumped, wearing a corset, and feeling ready to get some spank on so I hit Powder. At previous parties I’d managed to spank the rears off a few willing victims so I figured I could at least burn of a bit of energy. I got in the door a bit late, but that is neither here nor there for a dungeon.

Step two, of course was to visit the local dungeon, and I wasn’t in a hurry to leave. The party that night was fairly quiet-mostly as a consequence of there being about five different events in New York to choose from that night. I think I chose wisely.

I wandered about the party for a bit and spent way too much time talking to a leather worker who talked me into two beautiful patent red leather dragon tail whips, which I very much intended to take with me to Korea (with an awareness that this might well get my suitcase booted, but it seemed worth the risk).

With whips in hand I wanted to dance. There is something about dancing with floggers that is a lot of fun, and when the dungeon is quiet and there aren’t a lot of people to talk to, dancing with floggers always seems like fun.

Sometimes I have to wonder about what I do for a good time.

The gentleman who kept wandering around looking lost kept attracting my attention, and since there were only about fifteen people about at the time, he seemed like a good place to start a conversation. 

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