Monday, February 02, 2015

Out, Out

To prepare for the Shakespeare party we were both a set of characters. Mine was not memorizing lines, but simply content with being who I am. Skull dress and all. Hellion was going as young Hamlet, and for himself, as at ticket to the party, he was memorizing was oft-quoted soliloquy to reality which I listened to and commented on as he studied.

“What am I doing in this skull dress, though, what do I represent, how is this Shakespearean?”

“Shakespeare has a lot of death in it.”

I thought about that and as the Demon Child worked on his lines it came to me.

So I donned the skull dress and found a long, lengthy red sash that I had tucked in my closet for no real purpose and tied it about the waist of the dress.

“What do you think?”

“It looks nice.”

“No, I’m Lady Macbeth. Out, out, damned spot and all that.”

“I think it works!”

I think it worked, too.

We hit the trains and hit the party and I was finally inducted a bit into at least a part of the art scene in New York City. As I need communities to feel grounded as a general rule, I was happy to at least get a toe in the water of this particular community.

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