Monday, April 20, 2015

Living is in the Details

The months here have been so cold for so long it's hard to imagine it could ever break. Ever change. It feels like New York has been frozen forever.

I don't feel that I have been stuck in it. Even on the coldest days there was so much warmth. I have been packing my days full of things to do. Young Hellion proves to be a good goad to get me out of my apartment and into the city. All minutes spent away from my little corner of the world and living.


Of course, living can get in the way of writing, but it means there is much more to write. Between work and living there is almost no time left over.

But stolen moments in frozen time.

However, last night I looked out the window over my street and I saw a white light in the dropping darkness. At first I was not sure what I was seeing, so I stared at the exploding light in the darkness until it finally took shape, became clear.

A lone tree.

Flowers blooming.

My mind immediately thinks cherry blossoms, though the chances of that are minor. It is some flowering tree that blooms white, I'll have to stop by in the daylight and figure it out. The white light tells a story though, that things have finally warmed up. Spring is finally here.

The mornings are full of birdsong and the sky is overcast today, but I feel warmer and light even if my morning walk may be stiff and cold.

If nothing else I am shaking off the cold silence as well, and finding was to describe all the stories past, and if I don't get to all of them, then I will just have to push forward and fill in the gaps as I go.