Thursday, May 07, 2015


Sunday we had plans to go and have dinner with one of the Artist’s friends in New York. Hellion hasn’t left us, and I can’t blame him, as we like having a dedicated manservant and have no intention of kicking him out as long as he keeps making us drinks and being entertaining.

We pass Sunday between drinking, talking, taking pictures, and napping.

“Do you want me to make you cookies?”

“I love cookies. Do you know how to make cookies?” the Artist asks.

“Well, first you buy cookie dough…” She just looks at me.

“He’s 20, beautiful.” I smile.

She smiles.

We give him money to go buy milk and cookie dough.

Then we head out into the cold, get lost, again, buy drinks for the friend’s dinner, eat a very delicious meal, and manage to get back to my apartment, which is warm and smells like cookies and happiness.

I go to work tired, but contended on Monday.

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