Monday, May 04, 2015


The very cold February week would coincide with the visit of my lady love, but all things told a week spent in a warm apartment with drinks and warm-blooded friends was just as acceptable as a week running around the city in the cold.

Originally I planned to do all manner of things: museums, food, wine, parties, events, etc. etc.

But really it was freezing and unpleasant and she was also coordinating some plans with her friends so in the end we just went with the flow. Often I don’t do well without having a plan, but with her it is easier to somehow be fluid and just let change happen.

On the first night I finished work and made us a nice dinner. We sat around talking and gabbing and I shared some of the pictures and stories of the hell-child who is often my partner in crime when it comes to traipsing about the city on the late-odd hours of the night.

The goal (for at least the next few days) was to go out and see a show for Valentine’s night that Hellion was starring in. After that, we would mostly chill, maybe hit a museum or a movie, have good food and drinks, go to Carnegie Hall, go shopping, get our hair done, and eventually return her to the airport.

All in all we managed to accomplish most of those things.

“When do I get to meet him?”



“He’s rehearsing tonight, but let me see if he wants to come hang out.”


“He’ll be here in an hour or so.”

“Plenty of time for more whiskey.”

Which is of course exactly how that was going to happen, especially after months of not seeing each other. Relaxing with a drink and each other. By the time Hellion managed to get to my apartment the windows were starting to steam up a bit, and it wasn’t because of the heater we had going.

He had the unfortunately timing of wanting to come up just was I had rather happily straddled my beautiful woman on the couch. The buzzer ringing to let him in distracted me for only a moment and by the time the door was opening I was back to what I was doing: my lips pressed to hers and my desire to do other things reaching a painful peak.

“Hello…” Hellion sings, in his sing-song way.

“You did that on purpose,” The Artist smiles.

“Me! Never.”

Maybe a little.

I made introductions and put on my best effort to behave myself, which went well enough. We all three got giggly and the Artist and Hellion hit it off immediately and became promising friends. Considering they both have an interest in eating bugs, the destruction of Monsanto and mutually compatible politics I was not surprised. Our conversation ranged from moderate to outlandish, with both of them ganging up on me at one point about the fact that my plates are too small. I should have spanked them both.

The evening continued longer than it should have, warm and pleasant with good conversation and better company, ending far past my bedtime with a tired Hellion sleeping on the couch while the girls retired to the bedroom to finish what I had started on the couch before we passed out to sleep.

Work the next day was bearable only because I took a nap in one of the huddle rooms in the afternoon.

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