Friday, May 08, 2015

Mexican and Shopping Trips

Despite the weather, Tuesday night we decided to go shopping.

This was very particular shopping, though, as our goal was to go to Babeland, a woman owned-and-operated sex toy shop in SoHo. I’d been to Babeland once long ago while living in NYC and figured it would be fine. I recalled a long-lost Mexican dinner with an ex-girlfriend in SoHo and did my best to find the restaurant. The plan would be to get some food, head over and get some dildos and then head home.

Of course, it was freezing, but we headed into the weather anyway.

The trains there were straightforward enough and at first I was feeling very confident about what we were doing; however after about five minutes of walking in the cold, past our destination in an effort to find food, I realized I was hopelessly lost and the food was not appearing from the cold. A few moments on the street of consulting the magic box of knowledge pointed out other eateries nearby and one Mexican place, which we settled on because it was nearby. Dos Locos, or Los Pollos Hermonos or some such was the name.

We moved along the streets as quickly as we could without slipping on the frosty cold streets, huddling together. It was cold, but with her it is always a bit warmer. We managed to find the restaurant, which was a little crowded but since we didn’t mind sitting at the bar they were able to get us in quickly enough. The place was filled with business types, hipsters, and chatty tourists. The table had a card that said the place was participating in New York Restaurant Month, a marathon that would allow people to afford typically stupid expensive dinners at slightly less stupid prices.

I pointed it out.

“They do have a set menu if you want.”

“You think that is going to work for you?”

She knows me so well.

We rejected the fixed menu and went to look at regular food. Most of which was the kind of trussed-up Mexican that just annoyed me. I don’t want mango-and-lime fish tacos rolled in tempura batter or cilantro-glazed salmon with fried plantains in mango salsa. Who thinks this shit is a good idea? This is always the question that crosses my mind when I see the nonsense.

“I’m going to get the empanadas with the lobster tacos, and we can share.”

“I’m going to get a lot of tequila, the cauliflower, and eat a shit tonne of guacamole.” Which is what I did.

The gauc and chips were normal, and their strange salsas were not half bad. And while the empanadas and lobster tacos were tasty, the portion was clearly designed to feed a hamster who might also be eating a mini-burrito, which was disappointing to say the least.

We had each other, we had food, we had drinks (and her charcoal-grilled mango margarita was actually pretty good) which mad it all passable enough, and soon we would have dildos. You cannot fault any night that will end in dildos.

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