Monday, May 11, 2015

Plans Change, Eat Chicken Wings.

Wednesday is quiet. I called in Hellion as backup to take the Artist shopping while I continued to work through my week. I took another nap in a huddle room to get through the day while they went out shopping at Goodwill, Rainbow, and Target.

“Your Target really does suck!”

“Oh good; it’s not me.”

“It’s not you.”

I mean, it could be me, I tend not to be a fan of big box-type stores anyway, but I really hate the Target near my house and will do most anything to avoid it.

“You should write the company and complain. It’s awful.”

She found some nice things at Rainbow and was relatively content with her day of shopping and hanging with the demon-child. He was still hanging around when I got home so we all sat about, watched Archer, laughed, got slightly drunk, and collapsed at a wide variety of appointed hours. I went to work, sleepy again, with Thursday looming and the thought that there might be plans for the evening with another of her friends.

“Soooo, I'm going alone tonight.”


“Yeah. She's met one of my exes and I think she just doesn’t want to deal."

I was annoyed, as I had taken off Friday with part of the plan being to hang out with her and her friend that night. So I called Hellion and we went our own way, eating a lot of chicken wings and watching Birdman.

My lady love, on the other hand had a magical night at the long-running New York mystery theater dinner and music experience called Sleep No More. Apparently it was an engaging and entertaining experience which involved a lot of masks, a murder plot, and an interesting little bar. It is on my list of things I wouldn’t mind doing, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to at some point. I was happy she had a good time and we snuggled up in bed and slept in a bit on Friday, getting up in time to get dressed and get out the door for the appointment I had made for us with Mario the hairdresser.

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