Sunday, May 03, 2015

Talking, Thinking, Planning

"Korea in October is pretty much a done deal."

"We will work it out."

"But I miss you now. Come here."

"I want to."

She did want to. Her visit in February had been ecstatic, even with the cold. I want to see her again. To have her here, but her job is such that she can't get out the way she would like and everything is complicated by this.

We had the late winter though, and it was worthwhile, cold but pretty.

She flew in and I got her a car to meet her at the airport and drop her off at my apartment. It was freezing. I greeted her with a glass of whiskey and combustibles. She smiled and took a bath, relaxing catlike while I finished my day at work. It was a good start to her visit.

I wanted to do everything with her, but her visit was during the single coldest week of February. We made it work anyway. We cuddled in bed keeping each other warm, we took pictures, we held hands, we did our hair, we were two girls in love in a cold city.

It was beautiful.

It was cold.

It had champagne.

"We will work it out."

"We will."

"I miss you."

"I know."

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