Friday, June 05, 2015


I took Hellion to see Macbeth, because it is one of my favorite Shakespearean plays and I really never get tired of seeing it. I think, counting the show at The Pearl in New York, I've seen it probably 15 times.

To the wonder of many, I don't have the same affinity for Hamlet.

"But you seem like such a Hamlet person."

No. I'm not a Hamlet person. Hamlet is an over-privileged teenager with some serious daddy issues, and a family life that was potentially worse than mine. Still, it would have been more appropriate, and potentially more historically accurate, to just cut someone rather than spending a lot of time going mad.

The production of Macbeth was lovely, a sweet, short, 90-minute show that was well staged, mostly on a black stage with minimal props and distractions. A production that was perfect for Hellion, who plays in a rendition of Merchant of Venice, but who had never seen Macbeth. Perfect length, and possibly a bit too fast paced as afterward we walked up the cold streets of New York and reflected on the acting and the drama of classic Shakespeare.

"Okay, okay, I mean, I get what happened, right, but like, there is a part of me that really doesn't know what just happened there."

We walked and I thought about it.

"Well, it's pretty easy," I said.

"Macbeth is the classic story of what happens when you stick your dick in crazy."