Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding My Way About

At this point the square was awake and moving with liveliness. The afternoon was quick approaching and I was fairly sure that soon I’d be able to check-in at my hotel and that would be good. I wondered down the way a bit more, aiming for the river, where I could see in the distance a great turning Ferris Wheel and a bridge. I wasn’t sure where I was but I was enjoy the walk, the architecture, the feeling of being in a city that felt as old as time itself, and yet, I knew it wasn’t quite that old. Traveling, though, I had missed it.

I was on one of the Jubilee Bridges, and from there I was able to look out over London and see Big Ben glittering in the afternoon. The waters of the river were pretty, and overall, I was feeling fairly good about my adventure so far. But tired, very tired.

On the way back to my hotel I passed several police boxes that theoretically offered wifi and found a theater that was doing a special showing of 1984. Had I had more time I would most certainly have tried to take that in, but as it was I was going to be pretty booked up for the rest of my stay.

I wandered about and finally, wandered up the hill to whatever was going to pass for home for the next few days. It turns out I had used my time well, and it was now after three in the afternoon and I could, indeed, get into my room. I grabbed my bags, went up, undressed and promptly slept for about two hours, which was much needed.

I woke around 7 and decided I should venture out for dinner, as I didn’t want to be in London and not see anything. Since the morning had taken me down the street, I decided to go up the street for the evening. What I discovered in that direction was London’s version of China town, where I decided that must be some kind of sign that I needed to eat Chinese food. I found a place that looked good enough, ordered some food and read a book while thinking. Afterwards I managed to get the few knickknacks I wanted to buy for gifts and was promptly in bed, and fairly exhausted by 10 p.m.

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