Monday, July 27, 2015

Lost in London

The train, or is it the tube (I try not to stress about these things) disgorged me essentially where I needed to be, and now it was just up to me to figure out how in the world to get from where I had just landed to where I needed to be.

I had the address for my hotel, and my phone was still picking up the wifi from the underground well enough to let me use my map program. I was fairly confident I was walking in the right direction when I came to a five way intersection.

Because, of course.

A this point it was 11 a.m. on  Sunday morning, I was hungry, and I had no real idea where I was at, expect I knew I was theoretically not that far, my options were to pick a direction and walk in. With a bit of resignation, I did that and went left, as that seemed to be the direction I should head in.

Left was nice. The St. Martin's lane area is very pretty, and quite, and has lots of restaurants, and apparently boarders London's version of Broadway. All very interesting things. So I enjoyed taking in the scenery, the location of different restaurants, noted some bars and pretty buildings and then realized that there was a kiosk on the street with a map.

Map is good. Map is friend.

After about ten minutes of standing in front of the map with my bags, and my phone out, and my utter confusion, I realized I was going the wrong way and should have gone right. So I turned back down the street and headed that way, looking now for the St. Martin's Lane hotel. Fortunately, this was on the map. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to me, the St. Martin's Lane hotel was a sort of fancy Boutique hotel that was specially redesigned to be difficult to find, all while being smack dab right in the middle of London. Thanks to the most excellent camouflage I walked past the damned thing five times before I actually  managed to really locate the hotel and walked in to find smiling Brits with happy accents all very happy to help me.

Except with check-in. Check-in wasn't until 3.


After a few minutes of Q&A we finally agreed I could leave my bag and come back and check in later. This meant I would have some time to get some food, maybe do some sight-seeing, and be back in a room at some point in time in the afternoon to get a shower and feel more human. I decided this was a worthwhile plan and went out into London, free of bags, to see what trouble I could get into.

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