Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Little Mall

I walked back a slightly different way, exiting them all for some stairs. I had a general sense of the direction I needed to go in, and fortunately Trafalger square was pretty well signposted from where I was. Another thing I noticed about London, even though my phone wanted to constantly fail me, there were maps on the street everywhere, which was very handy.  I took the twisty turny route and walked by an archway that peeked my interest, and it had a sign on it. ‘

At this point, basically every building should have a sign on it. You feel you are rather constantly being hit over the head with history and some signs I stopped to read, and some I did not. This one I did stop to read as the sign interested me, as did the covered white and blue alleyway with windows just beyond. And what I had stumbled onto was a mall.

Actually it wasn’t just a mall, it was the mall, or arcade if you will, the first street aligned shopping mall that had ever been constructed. While it had been bombed during the war, part of the façade had managed to survive intact and, over time, had been restored into the pretty little covered mall I was looking at today. I walked down the alley and there was a wine shop, with tables outside.

This, to mine mind, seemed like the perfect sign that what I really needed to do was take a rest after my walk to Buckingham palace and have a glass of wine and some olives. So that is exactly what I did. The Spanish waiter was sweet. The tempernillo was good. The olives were spiced. The sun was setting and the evening was taking on a crisp quality that was pleasant, making me feel quite good that I had chosen adventure over staying in my room or simple exploring St. Martin’s Lane. The feeling of goodness lasted all the way back to my hotel, where I decided to pop into the French restaurant next door and get a nice low-carb dinner before finally retiring for the evening.

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